A Very Naughty Cat

Pete had his annual check-up and boosters at the Cat Clinic a couple of weeks ago. He was a good boy, and they were pleased with him – he’s in good health, his teeth are in good nick, and he only need to lose about another 1lb. He was doing well with his weight loss, but my neighbours got a kitten, and now he likes to sit on their doormat until they open the door and then he runs past them and eats the (very calorific) kitten food. Luckily, he hasn’t tried to eat the kitten. Rico is very cute, very similar markings to Pete but grey rather than black. He’s fascinated by Pete and obviously wants to play, but Pete isn’t interested and just wants to eat. But they have a little sniff at each other and yesterday Pete licked him on the nose, and there has been no aggression.

Pete and I went out for a walk the other day, through the nice quiet garden bit at the back. We were having a good time, lots of scampering, sniffing, tree-climbing etc, when Pete suddenly went all CONSTANT VIGILANCE and started running towards the flats. I followed him and realised that there was a cat lying on the external windowsill of a first floor flat, and it was shouting loudly at Pete. Pete, of course, wanted to fight it. I couldn’t persuade him to come away so tried to pick him up to carry him away, but he growled and tried to bite me, then hid under a bush where he thought I couldn’t reach him. I did manage to get him out, despite his growls, and carried him off, but as soon as I put him down he ran straight back and under another bush, from where he growled, bit swiped at me and completely refused to be reasonable. Nothing I could do or say would persuade him to leave his lookout point, even though the other cat had disappeared by then, so in the end I resorted to the parents-of-recalcitrant-toddlers trick and said “well, you stay there if you want, I’m going home.”

He was scampering behind me before I’d done 30 yards.


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