Staywell PetPod

I recently subscribed to a cat magazine, solely for the purpose of the subscriber offer: a Staywell PetPod. According to Amazon, the RRP is £62.99 and it’s currently on offer at £36.24, so I’ve saved quite a bit, and I get cat magazines.

The Staywell PetPod is an automatic timed pet feeder. It has two lidded compartments, which are removable for washing. There’s no space for an ice-pack, so probably not good for wet food. It needs 2 AA batteries, which are not included. The digital clock and timer were easy to set. You can set each compartment to open at a different time, and they remain locked until then. I’ve set one to open at 0500, and one to open at 1530, and I’ve put small amounts of Thrive dry food into each one. I made a slight error when setting it up and didn’t switch the timer on for both compartments, but reading the instructions more carefully resolved that. Now the first compartment opens at 0500 and Pete eats the contents and (for the last two mornings anyway) hasn’t pestered me for breakfast until nearly 0700. And the second compartment opens at 1530, so if I’m later home from work than expected, I know he has access to something to keep him going and stop him hunting the neighbours.

I don’t know if it’s secure enough to stand up to a serious attack from my determined food-monster, but he hasn’t broken into it yet. I don’t think I’d pay £60 for it, but it’s certainly worth £25, and as a subscriber gift, it’s great. The opportunity to sleep until after sunrise without being pestered for breakfast – priceless.


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