LeopetCat Scratching Post Ceiling High Cat Tree Climbing Activity Scratcher Centre Toy Play Cat Furniture

Got the Leopet Cat Tower for Pete in December, for £45, from Amazon. It was a bit of a pain to put together, but I eventually managed. I might have done it more quickly, but Pete tried to help.

It’s not great.

One of the cylinder bits won’t attach because the hole has been drilled badly and the screw won’t screw through. I emailed the retailer and they asked me to send photos so they could sort it out, and I never got round to it. Pete doesn’t really use the one that is on it though (he’s too big and too long) so no matter. The posts don’t fit together very firmly, and to get them to fit properly you have to leave them slightly unscrewed, which makes the whole thing quite wobbly. If you tighten them up, it shortens the length of the posts so they don’t fit properly. The fabric covering isn’t very good quality and it’s coming loose already, after only 4 months of daily use. The sisal for scratching on is pretty tough though, as are the play ropes.

The hammocky baskets seem very flimsy, but they are standing up well to my big heavy boy, and he loves lying in them, especially when they’re bathed in sunlight.


The top platforms make great look-out perches, and the house bit is a good hiding spot.


Unfortunately the top of the pole doesn’t reach to my ceilings (which aren’t very high) so it’s not very stable, and it wobbles a lot when Pete climbs up and down. He found this very disconcerting at first, and although he’s got used to it, sometimes he still meows and meows because he’s worried about getting down. It’s easy to rotate the platforms on their posts, but they don’t seem to be in the right places for cats to easily get down after getting up; some of the drops are nearly vertical. Pete deals with this by jumping into the hammocks, but I don’t know how long they’ll take that.

My flat is tiny and this tower doesn’t take up too much floor space but gives him a good range of heights to climb and stretch on. He likes it much more than I do – I think the quality is a bit ropey in places, the flat platforms are slightly too small, and the whole thing is too wobbly for a large cat. If you have small, light cats and very low ceilings, this is probably a good buy for as long as the fabric lasts. For owners of bigger, heavier cats, the cats will think it’s better than you do.