The Feather Frenzy With Mouse Attachment

As blogged here, I got Pete a Feather Frenzy toy the other week. We’ve used it on average once a day – sometimes not at all, sometimes two or three or four times a day. He hasn’t got tired of it yet. I tend to go out of the flat into the common stair to play with it with him, because my flat is small and he likes to run around with it. It does a great job at exciting his predator instincts: he stalks, hides, pounces, runs, jumps, and when he catches it, he runs off to his dish to chew it. And thus the feather part has fallen apart – being dragged through the catflap did it no good at all. 😀

So today I replaced the feather attachment with a mouse attachment, and I’m pleased to say he reacts to it in just the same way. He shows no signs of getting bored with it at all, and sometimes he goes out into the stair and waits for me to bring it to him. This is a second floor flat, and when we’re playing it’s easy to get him to run all the way down to the ground floor, back up, up to the top floor, and down again to the first or ground floor stalking and pouncing all the way, and rolling and stretching on the ground when he catches it. I’m delighted to see him getting so much exercise with it, and even better, delighted to see him exercising in a way that encourages him to use his natural instincts and display natural behaviour. It’s a great toy and I’d recommend it to any cat owner.