On the Mend

As I was going to bed last night Pete was sitting by his litter tray looking uncertain in a way that was slightly different from how stoned he was. I was a bit worried that he is starting to associate using it with being sore, so I put another one out for him. He was just sitting there looking worried ten minutes later so I brought him through to the bedroom and put him on the bed – he just jumped off and walked away, and every time I tried to stroke him, he turned his back and walked away from me. I felt very punished. He did come into the bedroom about 3ish and slept next to me until the alarm went off.

This morning, I could see he’d used his normal litter tray for a pee and a poo, and his extra one for a pee, which was great news. He’s been a bit reluctant this morning, obviously wanting to go and finding it painful. He has had painkillers in his breakfast but they haven’t had time to take effect yet I think. He has peed, in his extra tray rather than his normal one, so I’ll keep that out for the next few days. He ate his breakfast in normal time, he’s letting me stroke him, he’s scratching at his scratch post, and he’s asking for more breakfast so I think he’s feeling better in himself. We just need to wait for the pain to go away. Good boy.