Poor Pete is Poorly (in his pee)

I was pretty busy yesterday so Pete didn’t get much attention. I scooped his litter tray in the evening and noticed he’d only peed once all day but didn’t think much of it, expecting him to pee later. He was a bit quiet, but was eating fine and I wasn’t concerned. He was asleep in his usual place on the bed as far as I knew, until I woke up about 3am with a sore throat. I lay in bed coughing for half an hour until I realised I should get up and get a painkiller, and then I realised he wasn’t on the bed. I got up and he was in the kitchen, and he meowed at me when he saw me. I gave him a couple of biscuits, took my aspirin and went back to bed. He came through to the bedroom, meowed a couple of times, then jumped onto the bed and, I think, slept till the alarm went off.

He didn’t eat much breakfast, went straight back to bed, looked sorry for himself and still hadn’t peed, so I got an appointment for him at The Cat Clinic and took him along at 1115. The vet had a good look at him, calling another vet in to discuss, and confirmed what I had suspected – he wasn’t well in his waterworks. They weren’t quite sure what was going on though – his bladder was about half-full, not completely full as they would expect with a blockage, or completely empty as they would expect with a cystitis making him pee. He hasn’t been attempting to use his litter box, straining or crying, he just hasn’t gone near it. He was obviously sore when they palpated his bladder and his temperature was normal. (He did not like having a thermometer shoved up his arse).

So, we agreed they would admit him, sedate him, catheterise him, take blood and urine samples and X-ray his bladder to see what’s what. I left him there and they said they’d call me later with news. I think I left at about 1145 and they phoned at about 1315. They said he had no sign of infection or bladder abnormality, but he does have blood in his urine, and they think it might be a stress reaction to having his nails clipped on Saturday. Poor Pete. And poor me – his £8 nail clipping has cost me £314 in vet fees! (He is insured, but the policy excess is £99 so he’s going to have to get a part-time job). Oh, and when he was sick after the sedation, there was a big wiggly worm in his vomit. Yuk. So they wormed him and gave me another worming tablet for him to take in a month (I do worm him every three months), and anti-inflammatory liquid for him to take for the next few days.

The painkillers they gave him were morphine-based and he was completely spaced out when I went to pick him up. His pupils were huge and he looked like Puss in Boots from Shrek. He looked like he had no idea where he was or what to do with himself and it hasn’t improved much in the five hours he’s been home. They told me to feed him his usual diet in smaller portions, so his evening pouch has been doled out in tiny portions, with some still to go. It’s taking him five times as long to eat a quarter-portion than it normally does to eat a full portion, and then he either sits staring at the empty dish, or staggers into the hall and sits staring into darkness. I wonder if his dilated pupils are making the low light levels in here too sore for his eyes. He did have a purry cuddle on my knee for a minute, with some head bumps, but other than that he’s just sat on the floor looking lost, and if I lift him into his bed on the floor or on the sofa, he just gets out again and goes back to looking lost on the floor.

He hasn’t peed since he came home, but they manually emptied his bladder at the vet so I doubt it’s filled again yet. Poor soul. I’m going to go to bed in a minute and I’ll see how he does in the morning. He’s probably a bit bewildered, and sore despite the painkillers, and if a drama-free trip to get his nails cut has stressed him, god knows what a day at the vet has done to his mental state!