The New Catnip Hedgehog is a Success


Adventures in Exercise

Pete still needs to lose about another pound in weight. He’s generally pretty lazy, so when he is in the mood to play, I try to encourage him as much as I can by winding up his wind-up toys for him, dangling his wand toys, etc.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine gave me a squeaky mouse toy for him because her own cat had thoroughly ignored it. I brought it home from work, fed Pete, and while he was eating, remembered the toy and got it out of my bag. It started to squeak as I picked it up and Pete did something I never imagined he would do – left his tea uneaten and came barrelling after the mouse. It’s been his favourite toy since the day he got it; he would chase it around the flat in a frenzy. But then, last weekend, something went wrong with squeaky mouse. The squeaker got stuck and poor squeaky mouse wouldn’t stop squeaking no matter how I shoogled it. So I ended up disembowelling it with scissors and then snapping the squeaker with a screwdriver while Pete was still trying to attack it. Sad times.

He’s shown very little interest in any of his other toys since the tragic demise of squeaky mouse. Blue mouse, green blob, ladybird – all of them wind-up clockworky things – no longer hold his attention. When he does enter one of his frantic periods of running around and jumping on/off things, it’s only for a few minutes and I can’t find anything that holds his interest or encourages him to extend playtime.

Sometimes when he’s awake and alert I try to encourage him to come for a little walk in the stair, down to the ground floor and maybe out into the back green. He’s been much more wary about going out since his fight and he almost never goes out without me now. 😦 Yesterday afternoon I managed to persuade him, with the use of Felix crispy salmon treats, down to the ground floor and up again, but he wasn’t up for pouncing on his toys. He was pretty sleepy for the rest of the day and then at about midnight, just as I was going to bed, he woke up and was very keen to play. He was running laps of the flat, so I propped the front door open so he could extend his laps to include the landing. He seemed in the mood for fun so I started throwing his wind-up toys along the landing for him and he spent probably 25 minutes running along the landing and up and down the stair with them, plus some time nosing around his treat ball (he still hasn’t worked out that if he pushes it, food falls out). It was the longest period of vigorous exercise I’ve ever seen him do!

He’s very sleepy today.

Epic Gravity Fail

I got Pete a new scratching post yesterday, which has a platform on the top. It’s higher than his other ones and he decided to see if he could launch himself from it to the top of the Ikea CD towers which are next to the scratching post.

Massive, huge, humongous, hilarious fail. His leap took him about 2/3 of the way up, and he was clinging to and scrabbling up the tower with all four feet, for what seemed like forever until he realised he wasn’t going to make it and jumped to the ground in a futile attempt to save his feline dignity. Then he came to me for comfort and reassurance, like a toddler who’s just fallen over.

Living Up To His Title

I went to bed not long after midnight last night. Pete came through, cuddled up next to me, and as far as I know, slept till about 7. I got up to feed him and went back to bed. He came through again after breakfast and slept till about 11, completely ignoring me getting up. He eventually came through here, slept till about half four, had his tea, and went back to sleep. 😀

Happy Birthday Pete

When Pete came to live with me last July, Lothian Cat Rescue thought he was between three and four years old, and the vet confirmed that was probably about right. I had to give a date of birth for his insurance, so I decided that three and a half would be about right, and nominated 5th January as his birthday. So today is his “official” birthday, and he’s four.

He was so excited about his birthday he spent half an hour running round the bedroom just after midnight.