Pete’s New Bed and Space Blankets

This flat can be quite chilly at this time of year, especially when the heating is off, and especially because I have bare floorboards, not carpet. I’ve filled in as many of the gaps between the floorboards as I can with this stuff, but there are still some draughty areas. The heating is off when I’m at work, because I’m not a millionaire, so I wanted to be sure Pete would be warm enough.

He has his round flat fake sheepskin bed, and he has his favourite cardboard box, but over the past few weeks he’s been spending a lot of time sitting on the floor right under the radiator, so I thought I’d have a look for something to keep him a bit warmer and that would be a bit more comfortable than floorboards. I didn’t want to spend a lot as he already has a bed (and a cardboard box).

The first thing I got was a soft, squashy bed. The material is rigid enough to hold its shape with a heavy cat leaning on it, but soft enough to be comfortable. The bottom pad is removable for washing, and the bed is big enough to hold Pete comfortably (and he is not a small cat). Within a few seconds of me siting it under the radiator, he was investigating it, and since I added the self-heating mats, he’s hardly left it. He did sleep in it for the couple of days between the bed arriving and the mats arriving, but it’s the combination of the bed being under the radiator and the self-heating mats which have sent him into kitty bliss. The self-heating mats have a washable outer envelope which contains something like a reflective space blanket. When the cat lies on it, the mat reflects the cat’s body heat back towards it, so it stays warm as long as the cat is on the mat. I decided to go for this type as unlike the electrical ones, there’s no danger of fire, and unlike the microwaveable ones, there’s no danger of accidentally burning the cat with a too-hot mat. Pete was a little bit anxious about it at first, because it makes a plasticky noise when he walks on it, but once he lay down it rapidly became his favourite thing apart from food. As you can see, it’s a hit.