Pete was very lazy over the weekend. He just wanted to eat and sleep and I couldn’t interest him in going out or playing with his toys, or anything except sleeping and eating. The only thing he paid any attention to was the floorboards. Each time he got up for a meal, he would spend 20 minutes or so staring intently at the floorboards, listening intently, and sometimes scrabbling at them.

The weather suddenly turned much colder last week so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the cold has driven the mice back inside, and Pete can hear them. As I was going to bed last night I heard him clattering around – he had a mouse. It took some persuading to get it off him, but I got it into the kitchen bin, and went to bed. A short while later I heard more clattering – he’d tipped the bin over and was raking inside it to get to the mouse. I cleared up and took the binbag out, and eventually he calmed down and slept on my bed without disturbance. (He slept until nearly 7, for the first time since the clocks went back 2 weeks ago. I was so pleased!)

When I got in from work tonight, he didn’t come to the door to meet me and plead starvation like he usually does. I could hear him clattering and once I’d switched a light on I could see a tail poking out of his mouth. Unfortunately my hands were full, and he’d eaten the mouse whole before I could get it off him. Then he started asking for his tea. He seems ok at the moment, but I will worry for the next few days that the mouse might have been poisoned.