What a Clever Boy!

Last night Pete was behaving as if he could hear something under the floorboards. Today when I got home from work, one of my Ikea CD towers had been knocked right over so it was leaning on the radiator, ornaments and photograph frames scattered over the floor. Tonight I saw Pete run the length of the room chasing something I couldn’t see, then stalking back towards the cooker. Then I saw a mouse creeping round the edge of the room while Pete stared the other way. An hour later, he was ferreting (or catting, I suppose) in the corner behind the shelves and next thing I know, he had a mouse in his mouth. It was tiny and I think he killed it with first bite, then took it off to play with. I managed to get it off him and put it in the bin and rewarded him with Dreamies.

What a clever boy!