Of Mice and Malia*

Pete caught a further two mice in addition to the one in the last blog post. Three mice in three days; that’s pretty impressive. No sign of any since so perhaps they’ve got the message. Let’s hope so. I’d rather they were living happily elsewhere than coming in here to be slaughtered. My neighbour with the dog was agitated because she’d seen a mouse in her bedroom, so she locked the dog in another room and I took Pete through to let him see if he could find it. He had a sniff about and then just started eating the dog’s food.

Pete seemed to cope pretty well when I was away for those two days at the beginning of the month. The friends who were feeding him for me said he spent a lot of time lying on the floor looking forlornly at his just-emptied food bowl, but he does that for me too. He was pleased to see me when I got back, but mainly he just wanted to be fed. I’m feeling a bit more relaxed about leaving him and going away to Greece at the end of this week, but I know I’ll still worry a bit and I will miss him a lot.

He’s still not going out very much, but recently he’s started going out straight after his breakfast, sometimes just for five minutes, sometimes for an hour. I don’t know where he goes or what he does! He’s getting better at coming back, although sometimes he still forgets which floor he should be on. One morning last week he went out for an hour, came in just as I was leaving for work, followed me down the stairs and sat watching me leave, and when I got in from work he was on the landing waiting for me. I’m pretty sure he’d been there all day instead of going back inside.

He’s still very very greedy, asking for food every time I go into the kitchen, and eating far more biscuits from his dispenser than he should per day. When I get back from Greece he’s going on the scales, and then he might be going on a diet. I don’t think he’ll like it.


*not really, but it’s alliterative


What a Clever Boy!

Last night Pete was behaving as if he could hear something under the floorboards. Today when I got home from work, one of my Ikea CD towers had been knocked right over so it was leaning on the radiator, ornaments and photograph frames scattered over the floor. Tonight I saw Pete run the length of the room chasing something I couldn’t see, then stalking back towards the cooker. Then I saw a mouse creeping round the edge of the room while Pete stared the other way. An hour later, he was ferreting (or catting, I suppose) in the corner behind the shelves and next thing I know, he had a mouse in his mouth. It was tiny and I think he killed it with first bite, then took it off to play with. I managed to get it off him and put it in the bin and rewarded him with Dreamies.

What a clever boy!