First Time Away From Pete

I have to go away in an hour and I won’t be back til Tuesday evening. It’ll be the first time I’ve left him for any real length of time (our longest absence during the Commonwealth Games was 17 hours, and no overnight absence) and I’m quite anxious about it. I will put his tea out for tonight before I leave – I expect it’ll all be gone within a minute, and then friends will feed him twice tomorrow and Tuesday morning, and I should be back for his Tuesday tea. He has biscuits in his dispenser and plenty of water, so he should be ok, but I’m still anxious. I don’t want him to think I’ve left and I’m not his any more.

I’m even more anxious because tonight is the end of Festival fireworks. He’s been absolutely fine with the Tattoo fireworks, but they’re smaller, quieter, and over much faster. I’ve been sleeping in the same t-shirt for the past three weeks (on purpose) so it smells of me, and I’ve put that in his cardboard box so he has somewhere enclosed to go if he’s feeling worried.

Although I’m worried, and aware that I’m probably worrying over nothing, it is good practice for both of us because I’m going away in a couple of weeks for two weeks. I decided against a cattery – I felt it was cruel to take a cat from a shelter where he wasn’t very happy, give him a happy home for a couple of months, and then put him into a cattery for two weeks. So we’ll see how he does with me away for 48 hours, and hope the signs are promising for my longer absence.

In other news, the other day I saw the couple who live in the flat underneath me. They said they’d let Pete into their flat the other day, thinking he was the cat from along the street. They realised it was Pete, and he had a sniff around and a little snooze, and then they shooed him out. He seemed a bit lost so they encouraged him up to his floor and showed him the catflap. I think he still gets a bit muddled about which floor he’s supposed to be on, and their flat is in the same position as mine, just one floor down, so he was nearly right. I bet it was the day I came home and found him on the doormat.

I saw my neighbour with the dog today. She said the dog is now terrified of Pete since their altercation and not interested in going near him! She said they’d come out the other day with the dog, and Pete was in the stair. She got her partner to pick Pete up and cuddle him and take him to my door while she took the dog down on the lead, and Pete was cuddling into her partner and purring away, and the dog couldn’t get away fast enough – and as soon as her partner put Pete down, he chased after them! She thinks maybe he wanted another go at the dog…

He doesn’t seem to go out much when I’m in the flat. I hear him go out at night now and again, but he doesn’t stay out long, but he almost never goes out during the day when I’m here. I wonder if he goes wandering, looking for cuddles (and, more likely, food) when I’m at work. I need to get him a GPS tracker!