One of the reasons I chose a microchip catflap for Pete was that until fairly recently, a lovely cat who lives along the street would regularly get into this stair via the catflap in the door to the back green. He and I became good friends and (with his owner’s permission) I would often let him into my flat where he would have a sniff around and a snooze. He caught three mice for me (although one of them was one he brought in and let loose, but we had a little chat and he never did it again). In the months he was coming in here regularly, the mouse problem more or less disappeared, but then the neighbour’s dog frightened him off, he stopped coming in, the mice came back and I got Pete. I was concerned that if I got a standard catflap, the neighbour’s cat would just let himself in, and there would be cat shenanigans.

At the moment, I keep the catflap locked most of the time, and adjust it to free entry/exit when I’m at home in the evenings. He does go out a couple of times every evening, sits on the doormat for a while, and then comes in again (although he usually has to be enticed in as he’s still a bit thick about coming back in through the flap) but I lock the flap at night so he can’t get out and wander off, or get stuck outside, or be stolen by a cat burglar.

This morning as I went through my usual routine, Pete was sitting sniffing at the catflap and behaving as if he wanted to go out for a while. I had a little while before I had to leave so I decided to unlock the catflap so he could go out if he wanted to.


Either I have really angered my neighbours this week, or some other animal has been up and deliberately pissed all over the bottom half of my door, and the catflap! From the location of the pee, it looks like a cat has turned his back on the door and sprayed it, making sure the flap got a good soaking. Boak. And of course as I opened the door to deal with the mess, it all ran down and onto my hall floor.

What I suspect has happened is that the neighbour’s cat, who would always make a beeline for my door if he was in this stair, has come in in the middle of the night, smelled Pete, smelled extra-concentrated essence of Pete around the catflap, and has decided to let him know who was there first. Pete went out and had a sniff around and rubbed himself on the places the neighbour’s cat usually rubs himself, and looked a little bit worried about it. I cleaned it all up and went off to work, hoping that Pete wouldn’t choose to assert his rights by pissing all over the inside of the door.

All was well when I got in, and I spent some more time with the bleach, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. I left the door open for an hour or so to encourage drying of the floor and Pete was going out quite happily and even ventured across the landing to the flat where the dog lives, and upstairs, which he hasn’t done for a long time, so I think he might not be too bothered.

So, cleaning up piss was reasonably crap, but imagine the drama if the neighbour’s cat had let himself in in the middle of the night. I would not have liked coping with that at all!