Finally, A Toy He Loves!

I bought Pete a selection of toys when I first got him, but he hasn’t really been keen on any of them except his feathery stick, which he destroyed in 3 short weeks. He has a few catnip mice, but shows very little interest in them unless I tie them to a ribbon and dangle them for him, but he still doesn’t really play with them much, he just gets them in his front paws and tries to gnaw their heads off.

A friend of mine has bought him a new catnip mouse, with a little plastic tag attached. You pull the tag and it sets off the clockwork innards and it shuffles around on the floor for a few seconds. He loves it. He bats it around, kicks it, chews it, pounces on it, and at least three times has managed to somehow pull the tag himself and make it move.

I hope it was coincidence rather than him developing opposable thumbs, or humanity is doomed. 😀