Catflap Adventures – Or Not

Now that Pete has had all his jags, I’m trying to teach him to use his catflap. He has a Sureflap microchip-activated catflap and so far it’s not going very well. Since the catflap was put in, he has sometimes gone and sat next to it and had a sniff about, but he’s shown no signs of wanting to go out through it. Pete’s chip is at the back of his neck so he has to go through head first; he can’t poke it open with his paw and then go through.

I’ve been trying to encourage him to go through the flap by enticing him with Dreamies and Tesco treat sticks. I’ve been putting Dreamies and bits of treat stick on the edge of the flap to encourage him to get close to it. He’s quite wary about approaching it, I think because he doesn’t like it when the chip activates and the flap clicks open – the noise seems to freak him out. He has taken treats off it, but he prefers scooping them off with his paw. I’ve tried it from both sides of the door and held the catflap open to try and encourage him through to the treat on the other side, but he’s not getting it yet. He did manage once, but to be honest, I don’t think he knew he’d done it and he hasn’t managed to repeat it!

I’ll keep trying.