Tesco Cat Litter is staining Pete’s feet

Pete and I have been together three weeks and two days now, and I love him a little bit more every day.

We went to the vet today for his second vaccinations. He was ok in his carrier in the taxi going there – a bit agitated, but his curiosity seemed to to overrule his antipathy. He really hated the journey home though – meowed constantly and was very upset. I think the driver was too leaden-footed. He prefers a smoother ride. When we got into the vet’s treatment room, he hopped out of his carrier and went for a wander around the room, then jumped up onto the worktop. He walked across the vet’s keyboard and settled down for a snooze. He really didn’t like his injection and bit the vet and nearly bit me, but I don’t think there were any hard feelings.

We had a chat about his weight and his eating. He’s put on 150g since I got him, and he’s right at the top end of where he ought to be. I’m going to cut his dry food down by 20g per day and weigh him again in a month. He’s still got another week to go before he can go out, until the vaccinations have had a chance to fire up his immune system, so it’ll be a while before we can judge his activity levels, and adjust his food accordingly.

He’s getting on well with his Kerbl Maya Water Dispenser (3.5 litre). He has a water bowl by his food bowl, but I’ve put the water dispenser near to his favourite cardboard box. He drinks from it once or twice a day, so I’m going to get another one and try him with it for dry food. They’re very cheap so I reckon they’re worth trying. We’ve been back and forth to Glasgow for Commonwealth Games stuff over the past few days so he’s out of his routine. If he can have the option to graze on biscuits when he wants them, it might be less unsettling for him than me leaving him a day’s worth of food which he gobbles straightaway and then has to go without for the rest of the day.

I’m looking forward to him being able to get out and romp about, not least because he might need to use his litter tray a bit less often. I’ve tried a few cat litters over the past three weeks. The Catsan clumping is the best so far – forms good clumps, and limits odour pretty well. Tesco Everyday Value and Tesco Low Dust, I don’t like. Both are rubbish at minimising odour, and the Low Dust stuf is brown and it’s staining his white feet pinkish. I won’t be buying that again.