Things I Love About Pete

After only a week, I’m taken aback by how much I love Pete already. These are the things I love most.


  1. When he really really really wants a head-rub, he stands on his back legs like a meerkat
  2.  When he’s lying on his back on the sofa, he sometimes does a funny little hitching thing to scoot himself over so he’s lying against me
  3. He’s always so pleased to see me
  4. Sometimes he wants to be near me so much that he’ll sprawl on the floor near wherever I am, even if I’m having a shower or cleaning my teeth or just doing the dishes
  5.  He likes a cuddle on my knee, but when he’s had enough, he just walks off
  6. When he plays with his catnip mouse he doesn’t bother to bat it around the room. He just tries to bite its head off

3 thoughts on “Things I Love About Pete

  1. My dad’s old cat never used to anything with his catnip mouse except studiously lick it. He would lick it for so long that it was soaked through by the time he’d finished!


  2. When the household got a kitten (actually 2, one died), we lived on a boat which only had benches to sit on. So the cat got used to sitting on a bench next to us.
    Now we are in a house, every night he gets fed up of sitting by himself. So he comes over to me, stands on his hind legs and grabs my arm. If I ignore him, claws come out. Then I have to get a chair, move it next to mine and put a cushion on it. He then jumps on this and sits purring (and demanding regular head rubs).

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