Downstairs and a dog

The cat carrier I had bought for Pete was a Catit Design Cabrio Cat Carrier. It had good reviews, it’s big enough to fit my big furry boy into comfortably, and it looked well-designed. What a heap of shit. Images on the assembly instructions were not clear, and putting it together was very awkward. I found it really difficult to get the door frame attached to the body of the carrier, had to tap it in with a mallet*, and as soon as I persuaded** the cat into it to test it and lifted it up, the door frame came away from it. It’s going back. But now it’s assembled, it won’t fit in the bloody box and if I try and force it apart, it’ll break.

Fuck that shitty-arsed plastic crap. I’ve ordered a standard wire cat carrier instead. Not as comfy, but he’s unlikely to break out of it, and I can put a towel on the bottom to make it a bit nicer for him.

I took him out for another little getting-to-know-the-stair walk tonight. All went well until we got to the ground floor. It was just bad timing. The family from upstairs came in, and that made him anxious. So I picked him up to reassure him, and also to stop him bolting out of the door as they stood and dithered. I had to say to them “will you come in and shut the door please so he can’t get out?” He wasn’t too happy and stayed quite anxious until they were well past, and then just as I was persuading him to come back upstairs, my neighbour opened the main door to come in with her dog.

All credit to her, she stopped straight away, and backed out with the barking dog, but poor Pete was very scared. He curled up and hissed viciously at the dog. I wonder if he had a couple of run-ins with dogs in his previous life as a stray… I herded him back up stairs and he shot in the door and stayed upset for a little while. I got him onto my knee for a cuddle and soothed him till he purred. He’s been a wee bit clingy tonight, but that’s ok; I’ll just take it as a sign he trusts me. He seems a bit lethargic tonight, but still very affectionate and cuddly. I’m in two minds about whether to let him sleep in the bedroom – I know every time I let him (twice so far), it makes it harder to reinforce he’s not allowed in there, and I’m sure he’s forgotten all about his fright now. I will see how he is at bed time.

He seems to be not begging for food as much as he was last week. He’s still a greedy bugger, but I’m hoping he’s learning that food will be regular here and he doesn’t need to beg. I’ve ordered one of those timer food dispenser things for him. I’ll be out quite a bit over the next couple of weeks as I have tickets for 3 days of the Commonwealth Games, so his meals are at risk of being irregular. The dispenser I’ve ordered is for dry food only, so I can set it to dispense his biscuits while we’re out, and I can do his wet food before we go out and when we get back. I’m going away for 2 weeks later in the year too. Luckily a couple of friends have very kindly offered to come in and feed him, so I don’t have to think about a cattery or pay for a cat-sitter. Their kind offer enabled me to get him in the first place – I wouldn’t have wanted to rehome a rescue cat then put him into a cattery a couple of weeks later. I’ll try to get him used to using it before I go and that’ll mean my kind friends don’t need to pop in every day if they can’t.

*claw hammer and a book

**attempted to bribe with Dreamies, then forced