Pete’s had another little wander

When I first brought Pete home, I had got him an igloo bed from Pets at Home. This is as near as he ever got to it.


He just wouldn’t use it. I’m not sure he even realised it was a bed for him. So I took it back and exchanged it for a hooded bed, which is a soft roundish bed, with one of the “walls” raised a little bit, to allow a bit more warmth and protection from draughts. He wouldn’t go near that either. So today I took that back, and exchanged it for a flat bed. To be fair to Pete, he’s a big cat who likes to sprawl out, and the first two beds were too small for him. I’ve put the flat bed in his favourite spot – next to me on the sofa – and so far it seems to be a hit. It took him a while to get the hang of getting all of him into it though!


He’s got the hang of it now though, and is currently sprawled out on his side across the full width of the bed.

I took him out for another little explore today. He really likes sniffing around the table with the plants on – Harry the cat from along the road used to love rubbing himself along that table – and we went as far down as the first floor, and back up again. I got worried when one of the top floor neighbours came down and went out; for a minute I thought Pete was going to run all the way down after him and out. And for a very somnolent cat, he can move like greased lightning in a hurry when he wants to. But his curiosity is still tempered by his nervousness of new places and I didn’t have to leap over the banister to catch him.






Those hideous fake flowers are nothing to do with me! Pete wasn’t that impressed with them either…

I had oatcakes and hummus last night, and left the empty plate on the floor. Pete is obviously a cat with sophisticated taste, as he licked up the drops of hummus without a second thought. Garlic can be toxic to cats though, so he won’t be getting any more! This morning I had Greek yogurt and nuts for breakfast, and he licked up the scrapings of yogurt as well. He is a cat who thinks with his tummy. I’m using that to what I hope will be our mutual advantage. His cat carrier has finally arrived, and I tried to get him into it to make sure it was ok for him. Hahahahahahahahaha. I’d have had more luck trying to get him into a jiffy bag and posting him to the vet. So after he’d had his wet food this morning, I filled his bowl with his biscuits and put it in his carrier. It took him till late afternoon for him to find the bottle to go in and eat them! He was a bit less reluctant with his evening wet food, and I’ll keep his food bowl in the carrier for the next few weeks until he’s more willing to get in there.

He’s not a big fan of any of his toys. He has a couple of catnip mice, and some jangly balls surrounded by discs of corrugated cardboard, which look like flying saucers and move unpredictably. He ignores them all, so I’ve tied one of the mice to a bit of ribbon. He’ll attack it if it’s moving about it front of him, but if I just throw him one of the other ones, he just looks at them… If I dangle the mouse on a ribbon for him, he’ll trap it with his paws, but he doesn’t play with it at all, he just tries to bite its head off. 😀

He’s a quirky wee soul. He doesn’t ever jump onto the back of the sofa, despite me patting it to show him he can. He always walks round and jumps onto the seat from the front. And whenever I go for a shower, no matter what he was doing when I got in, no matter how sound asleep he was, when I turn the shower off and pull the curtain back, he’s sprawled on the floor staring at me. 😀 (Apart from the times he jumps onto the ledge at the side of the bath. That’s not going to end well). I have a narrow windowsill on the livingroom windows, and since Pete arrived I’ve made sure the bottom sashes are shut and only the top halves are open. He’s worked out how to jump onto the windowsills for a look out of the window, but hasn’t worked out it goes better if he gets behind the voiles first. And he can’t work out how to get down at all; he ends up reversing as far as he can and then gets stuck.  I always have to go over and pat the table to show him he can get down again. Thicko! He’s a bit funny with his litter tray as well. He uses it fine and he obviously knows to scratch, but once he’s done whatever he’s doing, his scratching can be very random. Sometimes he manages to scratch the litter over what he’s done, but more often than not, he scratches the rim of the tray, and a couple of times he’s turned 90 degrees and started scratching up the wall instead of the litter. I’m trying to help him get it right by moving the tray well away from the wall, but this flat is tiny and having a litter tray in the middle of the room is awkward!

It’s only been 5 days and already I can’t believe how much I love him. He has such a sweet nature and I’m really enjoying seeing him becoming more confident and settled.




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  1. Pippin used to spend 20 mins digging in the pit and throwing litter all over the joint, without ever managing to cover up the smelly bit. My previous cat, Tabitha used to turn to the bag of litter sat next to the tray and scrape at that, as if to say ‘i’m finished now, you can come clean up after me now’.


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