Pete’s first exploration: 10/07/2014

Once Pete has had his jags, he’ll be able to get in and out of the flat via the catflap I’m having fitted in the front door (if it ever turns up), and, if he wants, out of the building via the existing catflap in the door to the back green. I want him to be confident finding his way about the building and the surrounding area so that he can always find his way back home, especially as he has strayed before.

So tonight I took him out for a (very) little walk. I enticed him out of my front door with a Dreamy, and then he was quite happy to have a good sniff around this landing and up the stair to the half-landing between this floor and the top floor. He met two of the neighbours and let them rub his head. He was happy to return to me when he got a bit anxious, but mainly he just wanted to sniff around. I think he can smell the cat from along the street who used to come and see us until he was scared off by a new neighbour’s dog, and he must be able to smell the dog. So he was a little bit wary, but very very curious and happy to stretch his legs. He managed up and down the stairs too, despite having wee short legs.

Then he came back in, jumped onto the kitchen worktop to scavenge another pouch of food and is currently sulking on the floor after his second telling-off.